Software @Numerator
San Francisco
I've loved Python since I took 6.01 (Intro EECS) in 2010. We used it at MIT for research, for homework, and for doing Matlab work without Matlab. I've also used it for my personal scripts and projects. I was a Lab Assistant for 6.01 and 6.02 (Intro EECS II), and I helped teach an Intro to Python class during our January period. I am a part of the Numerator Insights (formerly InfoScout Insights) team since Feb 2017, which means working with Django, Celery, SQLAlchemy and pandas in Python 3.6 (gotta love f-strings).
I've worked with Java since 2011, when I took 6.005 (I used Eclipse and hated it). After college, I worked on the ADF Shared Components (ADFShare) team at Oracle from July 2013 until January 2017. We used (and developed components for) JDeveloper; one of my first projects at Oracle was adding internal static-member audits to JDeveloper. I have my qualms about Java, but the language itself has been getting better (don't get me started on the licensing and distribution :\).
I used to be anti-JS in my high-school days, but since then we've had jQuery, node, ES2015 and React. I've made my peace with it now, but I only use it when I need to (we use React for the Numerator Insights frontend).